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One of the most influential activities of childhood is the act of playing. Play helps children to develop physical, emotional and mental connections in a safe environment, often with the help of other children. Different conflicts, goals and rules can be established during play, teaching children to engage in socially respectful manners. In these imaginary scenarios, children also express themselves differently than they may appear at school or home. Instead, deep thoughts and experiences can be visibly present during times of play. 

How Does Play Therapy Help?

By understanding the importance behind play, children therapists can create meaningful opportunities to help children express themselves and gain greater control over their situations. Seeing overtly angry actions and emotions during play or fearful helplessness can point to a child’s insecurities that may come from bullying and other forms of trauma. Through play therapy, children can express their thoughts, but also be guided by a therapist to understand surrounding factors and find other ways to positively handle their insecurity. Therapists encourage children through positive support, taking up supporting roles within their “play world” that decrease feelings of loneliness and rejection. 

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At Little Spirits Bay Area, our therapists enjoy helping children discover a more positive world through meaningful sessions of play. We keep a fully stocked selection of toys to jumpstart your child’s imagination and cheerful staff to care for your children. If you would like to learn more about our play therapy classes or schedule sessions for your child, please contact us today!


"Little Spirits has provided our family with exceptional care, ranging from ABA and related therapies, to supporting  the educational process (IEP) and providing sibling and parent training.  Little Spirits is personally dedicated to supporting children on the spectrum and their families to reach the best future possible."  

--Mother of child currently receiving services at Little Spirits Bay Area Inc.

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We have extensive experience in ongoing treatment planning, parent training, and working with treatment teams to develop individualized plans for success. We strive to integrate each child in their home, their school and throughout their community. Training parents and caregivers has been an intricate part of our treatment plan, yielding positive and lasting outcomes.  Professionalism, communication, and quality care is our foundation.

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