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At Little Spirits Bay Area Inc. in San Jose, CA we have extensive experience working with children in areas where they may be struggling. This includes, but is not limited to, children with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorder, children struggling with anxiety, depression, a recent loss, inattention, or anger/opposition. Autism therapy is provided through the use of individualized plans to suit your child’s and your family’s specific needs.

Little Spirits Bay Area Inc. utilizes a combination of play therapy techniques, collaborative problem solving,  and behavioral modification to address a variety of emotional regulation and behavioral issues. We are here to help parents build stronger relationships and to support their child’s healthy emotional growth and development.

Many insurance companies will pay a portion or all of this cost. Little Spirits Bay Area Inc. in San Jose, CA will help you navigate this process.

ABA/Behavior Modification Therapy Program

This is the leading therapy for young children on the autism spectrum. This therapy involves intensive behavior modification training and data analysis. ABA can be provided on-site and in the child’s home and environment. Programs are designed to meet your child and family’s individual needs. Please contact us to schedule an assessment or for any further information needed.


Play Therapy Sessions

Through open and positive sessions of play, our therapists can help children to discover deeper reasons to difficulties they face. When children express their internal conflicts through play, our staff acknowledge their struggles, while encouraging them to address these issues through constructive approaches they may not have thought of before. 


Parent Training

Our lessons on communication and techniques specially designed for your family help improve everyday interactions. We provide tangible methods to calm down tension and resolve conflicts peacefully. 

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"Little Spirits has provided our family with exceptional care, ranging from ABA and related therapies, to supporting  the educational process (IEP) and providing sibling and parent training.  Little Spirits is personally dedicated to supporting children on the spectrum and their families to reach the best future possible."  

--Mother of child currently receiving services at Little Spirits Bay Area Inc.

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We have extensive experience in ongoing treatment planning, parent training, and working with treatment teams to develop individualized plans for success. We strive to integrate each child in their home, their school and throughout their community. Training parents and caregivers has been an intricate part of our treatment plan, yielding positive and lasting outcomes.  Professionalism, communication, and quality care is our foundation.

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