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Social Skills 8-Week Autism Group Therapy

Many children, both typical and those who have autism/developmental disabilities, have difficulty processing social information. This makes socializing in novel settings frustrating due to the lack of understanding of social expectations. This can impact a child’s ability to develop meaningful relationships. Learning how to communicate effectively can ease the frustration many children feel in new situations. Many of these skills can be mastered in a group class setting with other individuals with similar strengths and difficulties, thus providing further support and encouragement.

In this 8-week group class, children will learn a multitude of new skills. Members will learn that their perceptions differ from the perceptions of others. Children will also have an opportunity to increase emotional identification and awareness, as well as an improved emotional management in novel social settings. Group members will learn to increase their ability to respond to people and situations around them. Children will also gain self-confidence in their ability to effectively communicate.

Classes are once a week for 8 weeks:

  • Little Kids Social Skills Class: Saturdays from 11 am - 12 pm
  • Big Kids Social Skills Class: Saturdays from 12 pm - 1 pm

Parent Social Skills Parallel 8-week Group Program

This group is designed to be an autism support group for parents as well as to provide educational information to supplement what your children are learning in the social skills group. Providing parents and caregivers an opportunity to feel understood and supported by working with people who are in similar life situations. This group will help your family use the same language and skills that your child will learn in the social skills group. Materials and activities will be provided to help instill the skills your child learned in social skills group.

“Learn to Get Along" Sibling Group Therapy

At Little Spirits Bay Area we understand how difficult it is when your children struggle to get along. When you need a break from the fighting and bickering, Little Spirits Bay Area Inc. is the place to come for help. Our therapists will teach your children the skills they need to compromise and collaborate to ensure successful and fun time with each other.  While your children are learning to better get along, take a break and see what the local scene has to offer. Our "Things to do Close by" map will help you find what's close. 

Yoga Class

Benefits of yoga for special needs children include helping them to be calm, increased strength and stamina, as well as learning to slow down, focus and work through limitations. Yoga can empower children and provide them with the tools to solve problems on their own.  Yoga provides many tools one’s body needs to feel peace and comfort, especially in the sensory child.

Yoga is every Saturday from 10 am - 11 am.

Sensory Art Class

Art therapy is complementary to other treatments. This form of therapy seeks to bring the child to self-discovery of emotions through the process of art. This process acts as a de-stressor and helps to build coping skills and increase self-esteem. Art therapy is especially beneficial for children who have difficulty expressing emotions; children are able to engage in the art process in a setting that is supportive and non-judgmental, while getting their sensory needs met.

Swim Lessons

Little Spirits Bay Area Inc. also offers on-site swim lessons by a certified special educator and swim instructor.

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"Little Spirits has provided our family with exceptional care, ranging from ABA and related therapies, to supporting  the educational process (IEP) and providing sibling and parent training.  Little Spirits is personally dedicated to supporting children on the spectrum and their families to reach the best future possible."  

--Mother of child currently receiving services at Little Spirits Bay Area Inc.

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